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World Class Data Centers

  swisstronix is committed to a dynamic service to our customers. Client webs are located on a state-of-the-art infrastructure able to ensure 99.9% uptime with built in securities to discourage attempts by hackers to disfigure or disrupt webs on the servers. When you host your web at SwissTronix you are sure to host on a rock solid infrastructure monitored 24/7 by a world-class data center.

  swisstronix s’engage à un service clientèle dynamique. Les sites web de nos clients sont hébergés sur une infrastructure à la pointe de la technologie. Elles offrent un rendement de fiabilité extrême (99.9% de disponibilité) avec multiples seuils de sécurités afin de dissuader le piratage des données, la défiguration ou l’interruption d’accès par l’action de ‘hackers’ peu scrupuleux.  

swisstronix client websites are connected to the Internet backbone through a world-class infrastructure composed of best-of-breed servers, routers and firewalls to ensure a rock solid, worry-free home for client webs.

Various highly competitive plans are proposed for all level of requirements, from the amateur site to mission critical eCommerce sites with SSL 256-bit security. We offer hosting on 3 continents. All plans offer ample disk capacity and bandwidth in their class:

1. 4GH® Web Hosting with Grid Technology
Secure cloud hosting that's lightning-fast – even during the biggest traffic spikes. Hosted across multiple servers with proprietary Dynamic Traffic Management. Easy-to-manage and affordable, 4GH is the next generation of Grid Technology. Backed by a cluster of servers, 4GH Web Hosting offers rock-solid reliability to our customers - if one server goes down, the other servers pick up the traffic. And it's available with no hidden costs, including plans provisioned in our U.S., European and Asia-Pacific data centers.

2. Dedicated Servers - New plans, aggressive pricing
New Dedicated Server packages offer more RAM, more processing speed, and more storage for less money. Servers are available with the following operating systems - CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows®, including 64-Bit options for Windows 2008 and Linux CentOS.

3. Virtual Dedicated Server
Our VDS options have also expanded. We've increased RAM and created more plans based on popular options. Additionally, Linux versions are elastic - they can be upgraded without re-provisioning.